Valuable Tips to Buy Diamond Bracelets

5 Tips To Purchase Valuable Diamond Bracelets

Diamonds are still and it seems, always will be, a girl’s best friend. But there are a number of factors that need to be taken into consideration when purchasing a valuable diamond bracelet for a woman.

1. Know Your Lady

First determine what type of bracelet a specific individual would prefer. Small, delicate and fine, big and chunky or somewhere in between. Also, assess the type of precious metal that would be best for the diamonds to be set in – yellow gold, white gold, and platinum are the most popular choices.

2. Where To Buy

Diamond bracelets are available at most jewelry stores and outlets. However, this may not be the best place to acquire a diamond bracelet to get the best value for your money. Online purchases are often less costly and give you a greater variety of options than visiting a single jewelry store.

Consider buying at a secondhand store or pawn shop. This option could allow you to pay considerably less for a valuable item. Also, look at sites that promote the sale of pre-owned jewelry. However, it is important to check the authenticity of the diamonds before making a second-hand purchase.

3. Diamond Grades

It is not necessary for you to become highly knowledgeable on the different diamond grades to ensure that you are getting the best value. In general, the whiter the coloring of the diamonds, the better the quality. If you are looking for an inexpensive option, yellow diamonds are less costly.

Colored diamonds, on the other hand, can be more expensive as they are far rarer than white diamonds. However, most people still prefer white diamonds rather than colorful options.

diamond bracelet4. A Guarantee

Whether you are purchasing a diamond at a retail outlet, online or second hand, it is important to ensure that it comes with a money back guarantee. This will give you the option to return the bracelet if it is not suitable, if it doesn’t meet with the stated specifications or if the recipient simply doesn’t like the item.

In general, jewelry stores offer a 30-day return policy. This should provide you with plenty of time to return the item if you are not 100% happy with your purchase.

5. The Unique Option

While very few people opt to purchase unique diamond bracelets, having an item designed and created to meet specific requirements is a highly valid option. If you cannot find what you are looking for online or at a store, simply approach a designer or jeweler to create a unique piece.

You need to be aware that this will be a more costly exercise than purchasing a ready made piece. The extra cost will also probably not add any additional value to the diamond bracelet.

Always keep in mind that buying expensive jewelry is an investment and not an ordinary purchase. This means that the charm bracelet you buy will appreciate in value rather than decrease in price over a period of time.

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